WINE COCKTAIL : the love potion

Let’s end this week by celebrating, the love we all have for WINE of course!
And what better way than to share with you the recipe for an unusual cocktail: the love potion.
The origins of this cocktail are rather vague, but one thing is certain: it will make your heart or that of your beloved capsized. An ideal recipe for a first date 😉

For this recipe you will need a sweet white wine. Alsace medium sweet Gewürztraminer will be perfect or a Sauternes or a Coteaux du Layon

The recipe below:

– 10 g cinnamon stick
– 5 g of green cardamom
– 1 black pepper
– 1 clove
-10 g ginger root
-1 vanilla pod
– 1 bottle of sweet white wine
– 100 g honey

– Crush 10 g of cinnamon stick, 5 g of green cardamom, 1 black pepper and 1 clove in a mortar
– Peel and chop 10 g of ginger root.
– Split 1 vanilla pod.
– Bring 1 bottle of sweet white wine to the boil with 100 g of honey, then, off the heat, infuse the spices, vanilla and ginger.
– Allow the infusion to cool before straining it through a fine cheesecloth and pouring it into a bottle.
– Store in the fridge for at least 24 hours before serving, garnish with a slice of lemon and a sprig of rosemary

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