WSET Wine Courses in Utrecht Centrum

WSET Wine Academy in Utrecht

The Eleanor Wine Academy is opening its doors at the "Kargadoor" in Oudegracht in Utrecht city center! As a cultural center, De Kargadoor is a place where trainees can gain experience, develop new skills and where there is room for a curious audience.

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wine course for beginner WINE students

WSET Level 1 Award in Wines

New to wine study? WSET 1 is an introductory wine course giving the fundamentals to start tasting wine systematically.

Learn and taste the most popular grape varieties and their wine styles. Study the principals to find the perfect wine and food match, know how to serve and store wines professionally.

WSET 1 at Eleanor Wine Academy:

  • One evening per week for 2 weeks
  • 1 Extra day for the Exam
  • Certified WSET Instructor
  • Course and exam in English

Note: The exam date can be changed, conditions apply


12 & 19 September 2024 (Exam 25 September 2024)

06 & 13 November 2024 (Exam 21 November 2024)

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WSET Level 2 Award in Wines

Regular at wine tastings? Raise your wine knowledge with the WSET 2. Explore 70 wine regions, learn about 30 grape varieties and their distinctive characteristics. Taste 6(+) wines in each class and write tasting notes professionally as a sommelier would do.

The price includes the study material (textbook, workbook and WSET SAT card, examination and course fee).

WSET 2 at Eleanor Wine Academy:

  • One evening per week for 6 weeks
  • 1 Extra day for the exam
  • Certified WSET Instructor
  • Course and exam in English

One Evening per week for 6 weeks + Exam day

Note: The exam date can be changed, conditions apply


20 June - 25 July 2024 (Exam 30 July 2024)

25 Sept - 30 Oct 2024 (Exam 14 November 2024)

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Eleanor Wine Academy

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Eleanor Wine Academy

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Our Qualified Wine Instructors in Utrecht

Hi, I’m Margarita your wset 1 & 2 course educator

"Humanity has never created more bonding product than wine. It is so much more than just alcoholic beverage, it's history, culture, craftsmanship, tradition. Wine is always a reflection of people who make it. 
It is also a perfect icebreaker for any occasion - everyone loves wine! "

After visiting +15 wine regions by far, and making friends with absolutely amazing people from all over the world connected via wine, Margarita is looking forward to sharing her knowledge, passion and findings with the students of the Eleanor Wine Academy.

As Margarita says: "Wine is the answer!" 

IG: rita_and_her_wines


Zoi hails from Athens, Greece. Seeing the joy and excitement when people learn how to appreciate and enjoy wine made Zoi starting a career in Wine Education. She says: "Wine is an opportunity to travel and explore through your glass. The fact that a fruit can transform and deliver so many sensorial experiences amazes me.  I want more people to understand and appreciate this experience, that is why I love bringing more people into this world."

Zoi's favourite wine region and grape? Fascinated by the techniques of oxidation and the complexity it brings in the glass, Zoi is all about Jura and Savagnin these days!

What will Zoi bring to the students of Eleanor Wine Academy? All the necessary tools to equip them with deep knowledge to make informed decisions when it comes to wine choices to elevate their personal and professional wine moments! 

IG: zoi_pol

W: The Wise Grape

Hi, I'm Hope, your WSET level 1 & 2 Course educator

Hope fell in love with wine while traveling the world and still loves exploring new regions at any chance. She is a WSET Diploma student, wine educator, and part-time business compliance consultant. While she has a soft spot for Spanish reds and whites from the Loire, when visiting home (USA), she always cracks open a California Cabernet Sauvignon with her family.

Hi, I'm Nergiz, your wset 1-3 educator

Nergiz’s passion for wine was ignited by her curiosity on food science and how food pairs with wine. While she was still pursuing a finance career full time, she attended WSET classes in Amsterdam to get more knowledge on the grapes. And as she loved the world of wine so much, the natural path appeared as attending the WSET Diploma program which she completed in Belgium in 2018.

Since 2022 Nergiz arranges private and corporate wine tastings through her wine events company with a special place for her homeland Turkey’s indigenous grapes in her repertoire. In the summer of 2023 she has joined Eleanor Wine Academy to teach Levels 1 to 3. Nergiz lives with her husband and son in Amsterdam. 

 IG: winestrolls

Address in UTRECHT

Course Venue
"De Kargadoor"

Oudegracht 36, 3511 AP Utrecht

Exam Venue
Prinsengracht 754, 1017LD,

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

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