🍇Grape Variety: Palomino, Spain 🍇

🇪🇸 Andalusia - a large agricultural region of hills and rivers in Spain 🏞 - is where the Palomino white grape comes from. Palomino is principal in the production of Sherry wines, which predominantly happens in Jerez 📍- a city in Southwestern Andalusia.

For Sherry wine, it is vital that the grapes used for its production have low acidity and high pH… and this matches perfectly with Palomino’s characteristics ✅. Palomino ripens early in the year and it shows full ripeness around September. It also accounts for almost 95% of Sherry’s produce!

When it comes to food pairing, Palomino naturally goes best with Spain’s local marine cuisine 🐟🐚. Are you thinking of hosting a Spanish themed dinner for your close ones this summer? ✨ Then you might be interested in Eleanor's suggestion: the appetising combination of Sherry Manzanilla Classic Dry Jerez DO - Fernando de Castilla and Spiced mussels with chorizo 🤤. Manzanilla is the wine of the sea 🌊- always served chilled (so an ice bucket would be your best friend to keep the Manzanilla at its best! 🧊), and it is a great choice for a lovely summer dinner! 🥰😋

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