Hi, I’m Margarita, your WSET Level 2 & 1 Course Educator👩‍🏫

"Humanity has never created more bonding product than wine. It is so much more than just alcoholic beverage, it's history, culture, craftsmanship, tradition. Wine is always a reflection of people who make it 🤲🏼
It is also a perfect icebreaker for any occasion - everyone loves wine!🍇 "

Started as a hobby, soon it became, perhaps, the biggest passion in life that Margarita just can't keep for herself anymore🍷

🗺️After visiting +15 wine regions by far, and making friends with absolutely amazing people from all over the world connected via wine, Margarita is looking forward to sharing her knowledge, passion and findings with the students of the Eleanor Wine Academy 👩‍🏫💙

Margarita says "wine is the answer!" 

👉You like it sustainable? Explore biological or organic viticulture. Or maybe biodynamic!
👉Want to get maximum from your food pairing experiences? Learn about wine.
👉Wanna be the star of the show advising your friends what to order at a wine bar? Even basic wine knowledge will make a difference.
👉Love traveling? Enotourism is booming.
👉You've got a question? Wine is the answer! 😄

📌Meet Margarita in the upcoming WSET L1 in Wines in The Hague.


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