🍄FOOD & WINE PAIRING : Mushrooms and Red Wine🍄

🍂What could be better in autumn than going for a walk in the forest and discovering, hidden under a chestnut tree, a bunch of ceps?
What is even better is to cook them and eat them with a good bottle of wine🍷

But which wine to choose?
Obviously, the pairings will differ depending on whether they are served with a main dish (poultry, scampi, or even risotto or fresh pasta), or eaten on their own: simply grilled, or pan-fried in a drizzle of olive oil.
Thus prepared, their aromatic complexity (hazelnut, damp earth...), their elegant and persistent flavors, and above all their mellow texture, will be preserved, and they will then become a real catalyst for the different expressions of the wine.

The possibilities are endless, but we have a soft spot for the reds of the Médoc, which are perfect for them. If they accompany a pan-fried beef fillet that will bring chewiness, I would gladly escort them with a Château La Lagune, a Haut-Médoc grand cru that will immediately establish a kind of complicity: the bouquet is intense, the mouth is spherical with silky tannins, and its roundness will create a balance with the slight bitterness of the mushrooms while the gustatory persistence of the one and the other will marry together.

🥘Try it and tell us in comments what you think ;)



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