Tasting: The Unusual White Wines!

Tasting: The Unusual White Wines!

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 Ready to discover 6 unusual white wines from 6 different wine regions made from 6 rare indigenous grapes? 

White wine isn't only crisp and citrus, the diversity of flavours can be impressive as long as the grape skins are used during winemaking. 

Most of the white wines are made without using the grape skins - that's what you've learnt if you ever studied wine. But have you ever wondered what happens if skins are actually used? Or if white wines are made from black grapes?
Join us on November 19th in Amsterdam at the Eleanor Wine Academy. For the occasion, the standard classroom setting is revolutionised into a cozy tasting room to facilitate the interactions between the participants. Snacks and cheese will be provided.

The organizers:

 Terroir Journey is a complete wine experience company. Offering wine tours and wine tastings with a focus on indigenous grapes and bio wines.


Eleanor Wine Academy is a Certified Wine School offering quality training (Wine & Spirits Education Trust L1- L3 Award in Wines) in the heart of Amsterdam, The Hague, Rotterdam and Utrecht.