Wine Region: Marche!

Today, let's focus on Marche, an Italian wine-growing region🇮🇹. The most famous white wine of the region, Verdicchio dei Castelli di Jesi, which is grown in a vast area that stretches from the west facing hills west of Ancona.. Most of the vineyards are located inland on low hills sheltered by mountains⛰. Depending on where you are in the region, you have more of a continental (northern areas) or Mediterranean climate.
Verdicchio is produced from the grape of the same name🍇, with the authorized edition of up to 15% Trebbiano Toscana or Malvasia. The wine is well known to many Italian travelers thanks to the amphora-shaped bottle.
It reliably holds its acid, the key to freshness and longevity. This is an advantage since the grape is ripening. It can cling to the vine at the end of October, depending on the year in question. The best part of Verdicchio dei Castelli di Jesi is that it produces not only dry wines but also sparkling (spumante) according to the traditional method, sparkling (frizzante)🥂 and sweet wines, the latter from botrytized or passito grapes.🍷
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