What's the best glass for Sparkling Wines?🥂

Flutes, Coupes, Tulips, they all have a different feeling and the choice of the glass is really influenced by the occasion✨

The traditional flute is what most people reach for when it comes to enjoying bubbles. However, in the past few years, many wine professionals have started to debate on the classic stemware. The flute shape allows a better visual experience 👁— you can see the bubbles🫧 thread up the side of the glass. But the top is so small, it doesn’t allow you to fully enjoy the flavours and aromas of the Champagne as well🍾

Coupes also provide an aesthetic appeal. Reminiscent of some “Great Gatsby”-like gala🤵‍♂️🎆, they’ve recently become in vogue because of how romantic they look and feel. However, coupes have the opposite problem that flutes do: The opening is so wide that the aromas disperse and can get lost.

🌷Tulip is suddenly becoming a more preferred choice of stemware. This shape allows the aroma to build in the bowl and, the inward towards the top, helps all the aromatic compounds to come out without the risk of becoming unconcentrated💯.

Ultimately, the stemware you use depends wholly on how you want to enjoy your Bubbles and the mood you’re in🎉🥂✨


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