Perfect Wine & Food Pairings for New Year's Eve

If you are hosting a new year dinner party, don't forget to dazzle your guests with the perfect wine & food pairing in the last course🍷🥳 Viola! It's time to share this year's last choice: "Tokaji Azsú" by Tokaj-Hétszőlő @Tokaj-Hétszőlő It is beautifully smooth & balanced with a lingering finish. Surprises you with extraordinary & complex aromas and a strong winemaking tradition. The beautiful and ancient domain🏰 Tokaji, which is made from Furmint grape, is a really special, excellent wine for different occasions. It is the grapes affected by Botrytis Cinerea with a high sugar content that are picked manually, one by one🪄🌟 🌟 Foie gras, mature & blue cheeses and desserts successfully handle Tokaji's dry fruit, honey, toast and nut aromas. In the mouth, you can also easily feel the soft and beautiful aftertaste 🍯🌰🍞 Furmint grape's high acidity and high level of sweetness make it a good wine to drink with food 🍇 💦🍋🍬 Caramelized apple desserts, aperitifs, spicy foods are also excellent with Tokaji Azsú 🥂 We wish you a delicious year with your loved ones with Eleanor Wine Academy's last wine & food pairing suggestion for this year! 🍾 For more wine & food pairings, follow us to create your own amazing "Wine and Food Experience" in 2023! 😋 🥂🌲

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