🧡Happy Kingsday🧡

For the occassion, we launch a new category on our Instagram 🍸Wine cocktail 🍸
Regularly we will post you some wine cocktail recipes, as well as a little of its origins, ideal for sunny days !
🍹And we start this series with one of the main wine-based cocktails: the Spritz🍊🍾
Although it was born in Venice, Italy 🇮🇹 in the 19th century, it is not the Italians who invented it but the Austrians 🇦🇹. The Austrian soldiers invading Venice at that time, decided to sweeten the Italian wines with soda water, finding them too strong. To do this, they asked the taverniere to « sprinkle » -spritzen in German- the wines with water. The first spritz was born.
Year after year, with the appearance of seltzer and Aperol, the spritz recipe evolved.
Today, the most popular recipe, and the one we are going to present to you, is the one based on Prosecco, a sparkling Italian white wine, which match perfectly with the bitterness of the orange🍊

Recipe :
🔸Take a large wine glass in which you put some ice cubes and a slice of orange
🔸Then pour 1/3 of Aperol or Campari then 2/3 of Prosecco and finally a dash of sparkling water
🔸With a long spoon, gently stir up the Aperol or Campari without losing the bubbles
🔸Serve well chilled and enjoy !

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