Grape Variety: Malvazija Istarska (Malvasia Istriana)

Malvazija Istarska is one of the oldest and best known autochthonous grape varieties in Croatia
Grown mostly in Istria and the northern section of Croatian coastline (so-called Primorje, not Dalmatia) since the times of the ancient Greeks, it is one of the earliest varieties that were recorded in a written document.

Its genetic origin is not fully understood, although the testing performed thus far has not shown direct genetic linkage to any of the Greek varieties.

The quality of the grapes and the wine depends on the terroir greatly, and it is recognized that the highest quality wines of this variety are made in the Buje region of Istria. The wine is bright yellow with a greenish hue. The bouquet is quite fruity, reminiscent of acacia flower, green apple and almond, and the taste is fresh and mineral.
Malvazija offers different options to the expert-winemaker, allowing the option to macerate the grape on its skins or not, age it in barrels, stainless-steel or bottled, offering a wide spectrum of final results. The usual alcohol content is between 11.5 and 14%, and the acidity is medium- low.

Have you ever tasted a wine made of Malvasia Istriana?

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