Grape Variety : Chasselas

An ancient grape variety known throughout the world for the production of table grapes as well as for wine making, it originated in Switzerland (canton of Vaud to be precise).
The Chasselas has many mutations, often natural, such as the Cioutat with its marble or palmate leaves.
These medium-sized, cylindrical, more or less compact bunches are filled with medium-sized berries with a thin, resistant skin of a light green to yellow color that becomes amber in color when fully ripe, with red spots in the sun.
This versatile grape variety is used for a large number of appellations: Alsace, Crépy, Seyssel effervescent, Vin de Savoie, Marignan, Ripaille, Pouilly sur Loire…
It makes pleasant wine to drink young and is generally low in alcohol and acidity. It exalts aromas of hawthorn, ripe lemon, mint or hazelnut

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