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As a reminder, in this section we present you wines under 50 euros with a very good quality.

Today, let's discover the famous Kalzlerberg wines. In the commune of Bergheim, to the west of the Altenberg, vineyards face south and southwest, on the slopes of the Kanzlerberg, at an average altitude of 250 m. The very heavy soil, clay-limestone, is composed of grey and black marl with gypsum from the Keuper and, at the base, of Muschelkalk limestone.

The Kanzlerberg Grands Crus require an ageing process that is conducive to their power and fullness, which evoke the union of a heavy soil and the aromas of the grape variety.

Kanzlerberg wines find their balance after seven to eight years, and age beautifully. This period is necessary to reveal the full potential of the wines.
In early vintages, the fleshiness of the wines is denser and fuller, giving them a delicious sensation.
In late vintages, the airy note becomes the major element that allows the tension to lengthen the salinity in an even more brilliant way.

🥂Let's take the example of this Riesling BIO Grand Cru Kanzlerberg 2017, from Gustave Lorenz located in Bergheim in Alsace (France)
It is recognizable by its beautiful golden yellow color and its very characteristic nose, which expresses itself on notes of citrus and lemongrass, with a smoky touch of gunflint. The mouth is fresh and expressive. The finish is characterized by a mineral note from its native Kanzlerberg terroir and a remarkable intensity of aromas.

🥇Decanter and Wine Review online gave it a score of 94/100

Food and Wine pairing:
It is a vintage that allows two different approaches. Its minerality being very marked, it is judicious to accentuate it with salty dishes and firm texture. Shellfish, abalone, scallops or cuttlefish will be very nice echoes offered to the wines of Kanzlerberg. Another possibility is to combine the juiciness of the dishes with the delicacy of the wines by associating them, for example, with roasted or stewed poultry


Amsterdam, 28 October 2021

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