­čŹçGRAPE VARIETY : Tannat­čŹç

Tannat is a red grape variety from B├ęarn ­čçź­čçĚ which belongs to the coto├»des family. It occupies nearly 3,000 ha of vineyards in France.┬á

­čŹéIts leaves are reddish with bronze patches. Its bunches are either of normal size or larger. Its berries have a thin skin and┬áround-shape. Its foliage has a swarthy appearance. This grape variety must be trained in┬álong pruning because it is vigorous.
It appreciates sandy and gravelly soils. Tannat is often exposed to leafhoppers and mites. It is also a little bit sensitive to grey rot.

­čŹçOnce┬áripe, this grape variety produces wines that are acidic, fruity, tannic and full-bodied.┬áWith┬ávarious aromas┬ásuch as┬ánotably tobacco, cinnamon and exotic wood.

­čŹĚTannat is rarely used alone.┬áCabernet Franc or Cabernet-Sauvignon gives┬áa harmonious complement in the blends with Tannat.

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