Tannat is a red grape variety from Béarn 🇫🇷 which belongs to the cotoïdes family. It occupies nearly 3,000 ha of vineyards in France. 

🍂Its leaves are reddish with bronze patches. Its bunches are either of normal size or larger. Its berries have a thin skin and round-shape. Its foliage has a swarthy appearance. This grape variety must be trained in long pruning because it is vigorous.
It appreciates sandy and gravelly soils. Tannat is often exposed to leafhoppers and mites. It is also a little bit sensitive to grey rot.

🍇Once ripe, this grape variety produces wines that are acidic, fruity, tannic and full-bodied. With various aromas such as notably tobacco, cinnamon and exotic wood.

🍷Tannat is rarely used alone. Cabernet Franc or Cabernet-Sauvignon gives a harmonious complement in the blends with Tannat.

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