Did you know that winemakers have started to accept cryptocurrency as a form of payment for their brands? 💸 That’s right - you can buy some authentic fine wines with digital currency! 🥂An example is the 2015 Dark Matter Zinfandel 💀🍷from the Dark Matter Wines brand (U.S.A.🇺🇸)

Originating for hundreds of years with old traditions📜⌛️, the wine industry is known to be rather technology-resistant. So seeing it adapting to the crypto world is something unique we are excited to bring to your attention! 🌟
✅Some winemakers see cryptocurrency as an opportunity to expand their brands on a global scale 🌐 and believe crypto might be the future of finance. 🏦

❌ Yet, many are still sceptical, sharing they see it as a risk, especially for small businesses. Also, for winemakers it is of utmost importance to preserve natural resources 🌱, which makes cryptocurrency less attractive for them, considering it involves the usage of sophisticated processors that require a massive amount of energy ⚡⚙️ Obviously, there are pros and cons about using cryptocurrencies within the wine industry - so we will keep following the developments! 📈📉 And what about you - are you thinking of using a cryptocurrency to buy your next bottle of wine, or maybe you have already done so? 🤔🍷

Amsterdam, 20 April 2022


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