Introduction to Wine Tasting Technique

Introduction to Wine Tasting Technique

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This one evening course focuses on the basics of wine tasting for beginners. It covers topics such as how to properly taste wine, identifying different flavors and aromas, and understanding the structure of wine (acid, tannin, body). Participants will have the opportunity to taste 6 wines of different styles and learn how to evaluate and appreciate them. At the end of the course, participants will receive a certificate of attendance.

Introduction to wine tasting

Discover the Essence of Wine at the Eleanor Wine Academy, nestled in the heart of Prinsengracht, Amsterdam. Whether you're a wine newbie seeking to deepen your knowledge or someone looking for a memorable experience with loved ones, this course is an exceptional gift and an unforgettable adventure for couples, friends, and colleagues alike.

Immerse yourself in an enchanting journey through the world of wine, guided by knowledgeable and passionate experts. The Eleanor Wine Academy offers an unparalleled experience designed to captivate your senses and expand your understanding of this timeless elixir.

For wine lovers, this course is a dream come true. It unveils the secrets of wine tasting, helping you unlock the nuances and complexities hidden within each glass. From the swirl of the wine in your glass to the delicate aromas that dance upon your palate, you'll learn to appreciate every sip like never before. The Academy's skilled instructors will lead you through interactive sessions, allowing you to explore various grape varieties, understand the influence of terroir, and delve into the art of wine pairing. This course empowers you to confidently navigate wine lists, select the perfect bottle for any occasion, and indulge in the true pleasure of wine appreciation.

But the Eleanor Wine Academy offers more than just an education. It presents an exceptional opportunity for couples, friends, and colleagues to embark on an extraordinary journey together. Imagine the joy of discovering new flavors and sharing the excitement of wine exploration with those closest to you. As you sip, savor, and learn side by side, you'll create lasting memories, fostering a deeper connection and appreciation for one another.


- 6 Quality Wines of a variety of styles

- Wine list + Certificate of attendance

- Certified Tutor with international experience in the wine industry

-Fun & Interactive