WSET Wine Educator: Dennis!

"Dennis makes learning fun with his style of teaching: approachable, friendly, down to earth. He shares his experiences, which are very valuable"

-WSET L2 Wine student in The Hague🎓🍇

​​Dennis is a straightforward Dutch guy in the international wine industry🌐🍷. He is a true all-rounder in the wine world. From teaching at Eleanor Wine Academy👨‍🏫, writing on his own blog, creating content for wine organi​s​ations ✍to being a consultant for an import company💼. With his exhausting passion and focus on new developments, he is the messenger for alternative packaging such as canned wine, he is a regular speaker at events and also judges👨‍⚖️ for several years at international competitions in Europe🇪🇺 and the United States🇺🇸. He applies his experience with enthusiasm in the lessons and takes students on an unforgettable wine discovery journey!​🦸‍♂​

​Eager to learn from Dennis​?

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