Hi, I’m Mirjam, your WSET Level 3 Course Educator👩‍🏫


Mirjam is an experienced wine professional with a love for wines from Central and Eastern Europe🍇🌍Discovering wines from these regions and creating a market in Western Europe is one of her passions.

Mirjam has been consulting in Eastern Europe since 2015. Before that she has done several projects with regards to Gastronomy, Hospitality and Retail🍽

In 2018 Mirjam passed her WSET Diploma course🎓🍷 followed by the entry into the Master of Wine Programme in the same year! Mirjam is currently a Stage 2 student!👩‍🎓

Mirjam travels extensively within and outside of Europe. Always a focus on wine, wine production and local culture. She says: "One of the most impressive locations to date was Lebanon!🇱🇧"

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