In viticulture, the Spring 🌸marks the start of the grape growing cycle : it’s the season of budburst, shoot and leaf growth 🌱 , flowering and fruit set!🍇
This is an amazing time to go exploring wine regions, to appreciate the magical vineyard landscape that the Nature offers us✨
👉so don’t wait any longer and book yourself a trip to the Etna!🌋🍷
The tour is organised by our teacher Henrietta from  Terroir Journey 👩‍🏫. Henrietta is a certified expert when it comes to terroir and indigenous grapes! 
👩‍🎓🧑‍🎓As a student of the Eleanor Wine Academy you’ll benefit from a €100 discount!!🤩
Amazing right?🎉
💌DM to redeem your discount code
👉 To book click here
Cheerio! 🥂
Amsterdam, 21 March 2022

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