📆 Elevate Your Mondays: Unleash the Wine Enthusiast in You🍾

🍷Just 5 Days To Go!

Kick off your week with a truly extraordinary wine experience as we present our WSET 1 Summer course☀️🥂. Immerse yourself in the captivating world of wine, savoring the diverse flavours, enchanting aromas, and the fascinating tales behind each bottle✨. Share your cherished Monday wine traditions or tag a fellow wine aficionado to plan your next grape-filled escapade🤠

🎓 Expert Guidance & Insights: Certified Wine Educators
Learn from the finest in the industry! At Eleanor Wine Academy, passionate and knowledgeable certified wine educators will be your companions on this delightful wine journey.

Let's turn Monday into the ultimate wine celebration in the heart of Amsterdam! 🍷✨ 🌟

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