🍇Grape Variety Pinot Gris (Alsace)🍇

Hungarian according to the legend - which earned it the name of Tokaji for a long time -, but undoubtedly Burgundian in origin, Pinot Gris has been planted in Alsace since the 17th century. It likes the soils of the Cleebourg region, but also the limestone and volcanic soils. It is present in the whole of the Alsace appellation, and its cultivation has developed considerably over the last forty years, its share increasing from 4 to 15% of the vineyard. Exceptional in its power, this wine is also distinguished by its mellowness and its ability to age.

👁️ Pinot Gris has a beautiful yellow-golden color

👃Generally not very intense but with a great aromatic complexity, Pinot Gris develops typical smoky notes as well as greedy scents of dried fruits, pears, apricot, honey, beeswax, gingerbread…

👄 This ample and fleshy wine is supported by a nice tension that gives fullness to a well-structured whole. The finish is long and well balanced.

💡Food & Wine Pairing idea : Borrowing its slightly smoky notes from the undergrowth, the Pinot Gris d’Alsace will go wonderfully well with a crushed potato with truffles.

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