HIDDEN GEMS: Von Winning Grainhubel Riesling GG 2019!

✨HIDDEN GEMS: Von Winning Grainhubel Riesling GG 2019✨

This week, we are sharing another wine from our “Hidden Gems” collection with you! 💎


Please meet the Von Winning Grainhubel Riesling GG 2019 - a white wine 🥂produced at the Grainhübel vineyard, located in Pfalz, Germany. 🇩🇪 // Why is this wine in our hidden gems collection you might wonder? Firstly, the Grainhübel vineyard is close to an old reef and has soils with a sandy loess and marl, which makes it one of the few that can produce Riesling in such a special way 🌟 Also, due to some extreme climate conditions in 2019, Von Winning has managed to produce only a very limited amount of this special vintage with fascinating aromas. 


By now you are already thinking how it tastes like… 🤔 The characteristics of Von Winning Grainhubel Riesling GG are dry, acidic, light to medium body, with tree fruit, earthy and citrus flavour notes. 🍏🪨🍊//

Thinking of giving a shot at this Riesling? Then here is a tip from Eleanor 💡- we personally think this amazing German Riesling and a good Shellfish dish 🦞🦐 are just a match made in heaven! 😍 Have another lovely food suggestion? Please share it with us in the comments below ⬇️- we would love to hear it!



Amsterdam, 07 April 2022

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