📚 WSET Wine Courses in The Hague- Fall 2022 📚

Our beautiful location in The Hague - Het Koorenhuis - is a unique building which provides the perfect setting of where you can fully emerge in the world of wines. 💫 It won’t be hard to find it as it is right in the city centre! 📍☑️

We have already started preparing for the exciting and busy upcoming academic year, and we advise you to do the same. Make sure you book your WSET course on time and secure a spot. 💡Here’s a hint from Eleanor💡, the quicker you book, the sooner you will receive your study materials! This will give you the advantage of using the summer to prepare well in advance and surprise our teachers with top-notch knowledge in September! 🤓


WSET 1 ➡️ 06 Sep 2022
WSET 2 ➡️ 08 Sep 2022
WSET 3 ➡️ 07 Sep 2022

You can book your spot in a matter of seconds from our website -> 🔗 link in bio.

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