🍇Priorat vs Montsant🇪🇦

Do Wines from Pirorat and Wines from Monsant differ, and how❓

First off, yes - they do differ. Some of you might have thought the opposite because the climate and geography of both regions are very much the same 🗺📍But, actually, the Priorat is a county in Spain 🇪🇸 within which two wine regions reside - Montsant (D.O.) and the Priorat (D.O.Q).

How do they differ exactly? 🤔 It is the soil that makes the two wine regions different. The more slate the soil is, the higher the indication you are in the Priorat wine region. Also, winemakers in Priorat are used to working the vineyards by hand because of the sloped land in the region. On the contrary, Montsant is flatter, with clay and chalk soil. This of course affects the style of wines produced in both regions:

➡️ Characteristics of Priorat wines - mineral and concentrated wines, high on alcohol and with great tannins

➡️Characteristics of Montsant wines - fresh wines with fruity notes and aromas of Mediterranean herbs 🫐🪴

Interesting to note for both regions is that the winemakers are very proud of their grapes and aim to preserve their land to the best of their abilities. 💚 Many wineries practice organic farming and are certified as biodynamic. 🌿✨

Finally, to the best part 🌟 - Eleanor’s suggestions of wines from Montsant and Priorat:

Vins Nus, Siuralta Antic, Montsant 2012 🍷
Portal del Priorat, Clos del Portal, Somni, Priorat 2012 🍷

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