💡Did you know that ? in addition to red, white and rosé wine, there is orange wine💡

You are certainly used to drinking white, red or rosé wine but did you know that there are other colors...like orange wine!

But what is it?
🧡Orange wine is simply a white wine vinified like red wine with maceration! In practise, the operation consists in fermenting white grapes with their solid parts, namely the skins and sometimes even the stalks.

🍇Just like red grapes, the skin of white grapes contains anthocyanins and tannins: we therefore get that dry mouth feel that you
usually only experience with red wines. The color can vary from white with a soft orange glow, to bright orange and even amber-brown.
Orange wines are therefore a very specific category of wine, in addition to white, rosé and red. A category that you can discover a lot about: they are wines with scents that you may never have smelled in wines before.
The tannic structure of orange wines allows them to accompany an entire meal. There is no need to confine them to seafood or aperitif, orange wines have a real versatility. Orange wines generally have a lot of character, with a wide and varied aromatic expression.
Many estates renowned for their white or red wines are now making orange wines too. Among them, Domaine Gauby in the Roussillon, Thierry Germain in the Loire Valley, Domaine Tissot in the Jura.

🍷So, are you ready to taste an orange wine?

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