📖🍷 WINE TEACHER: Henrietta🍷📖

Henrietta is a WSET L1 and L2 Educator obsessed with the origin of things🏺📚
"Wine is a lot more than an alcoholic beverage that pairs well with food for me. I believe, it’s our cultural heritage - we’ve been making wine on this planet for more than 8000 years and were evolving as species while mastering the craft of making wine. Wine history, culture and the indigenous grapes 🍇is what keeps pushing me to learn more and give more".

This curiosity is what Henrietta tries to spread to our students.
She does a lot of things around wine. In 2018 she completed her WSET L3 and L2 courses while travelling the Burgundy and Bordeaux regions 🇫🇷
Since 2019 she’s been organizing wine tastings and wine tours to exceptional off-the radar wine regions 🗺️
She settled in the Netherlands 🌷in late 2021 and plans on continuing to work in this direction along with spreading the passion for wine among the Eleanor Wine Academy students👩‍🎓👨‍🎓

Meet Henrietta in the classroom in Amsterdam 🍷!

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