💎Hidden Gems💎 Asconi, Sol Negru Feteasca Neagra 2016

This week we introduce a little nugget coming directly from Moldova🇲🇩 Sol Negru Feteasca Neagra 2016 by @asconi.winery
🍇Feteasca Neagra, this Romanian grape variety of Moldovan origin, has been grown for hundreds of years on large plantations in southern Moldova.

🍷Feteasca Neagra wines are usually bold and complex – wines that can be compared to new world cabernet sauvignon, mostly due to their full body and elegant texture

With its dark ruby-red color and purple shades, it has a deep aroma that allows you to discover something new after each sip.
It starts with flavors of blackberries, ripe black cherries, dark chocolate and then the bouquet continues to conquer wine lovers with a noble aroma of tobacco skin and fresh baked bread.
Feteasca Neagră has pronounced tannins, long and bitter after taste.

💡We would suggest pairing this wine with soft and lean meaty dishes that are rich in smooth textures, like for example tournedos rossini or a pan seared new york strip with garlic butter and onions.
Cheers 🍷

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