✨Muscat/Moscato wines: All whites?✨

Moscato/ Muscat is a family of grape varieties-one of the oldest grapes in the world 🍇! According to scientists, it was the Greeks and Romans who first grew Moscato in 800 BC-600 AD🏺. However, the Muscat grapes are now in wine regions all around the world.🍷 🌏

Muscat is a family of grape varieties, and (to the surprise of many) come in a multitude of shades - white, red, gold,…pink 🤩. Red Moscato ❤️ has a range of fruity notes, such as cherry and raspberry. It is normally a blend of White Moscato and reds like Zinfandel and Syrah. And yes, there is also a variation between white and red - Pink Moscato 💖, which is a delightful combination of White Moscato wine and Merlot.

However, despite its variations in colour, all Moscato wines share a similar (highly) aromatic profile.

A glass of Moscato d' Asti DOCG is Eleanor’s most favourite dessert in the summer ☀️ (with least calories 😉). This wine is gently fizzy, sweet and light in alcohol ( around 5% abv), with intense aromas of orange blossom🌼, peach🍑, apricot, and grape. It is made from the best and ripest grapes 🍇, and it must be vintage dated!
A soft, delicate delight for all sweet-wine lovers, suitable to be paired with fresh fruit gelato.🍦 😋

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