Bonarda is a red grape variety from Argentina 🇦🇷

Bonarda wines are at first very fruity on the nose, with notes of black cherry compote, fresh blueberry, and plum. Then, they become more complex, giving aromas of violets, 5-spice, and peonies.
Finally, depending on whether or not the wine was oaked (though most aren’t), they may have slight smoky notes of cigar box, sweet figs, and chocolate.
👄On the palate, Bonarda has an initial burst of fruitiness, a medium-body, juicy acidity, and a smooth, low-tannin finish. It tastes like an exotic Merlot and it’s just as easy to drink🍷

⚠️Be carful : Bonarda from Argentina is not the same wine as Italian Bonarda🇮🇹 from region of Pietmont. Argentina’s Bonarda is actually a grape called Douce Noir.

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