WINE STUDENT : Yana, an Eleanor Wine Academy WSET Level 3 in Wines student

“ I am Yana and have been passionate about wine for such a long time. I think it came from helping my dad to harvest the grapes from the small yards we had and the process of making wine.Later I started in the hospitality business, traveling a lot, having more opportunities to try different wines. I remember falling in love instantly with a bottle of Caymus Cab from Napa Valley. It was so smooth and balanced, and different compared to the Cabernets I have tried before. I think that was a breaking moment for me, kind of realizing how much complexity and depth has in it.
Later I started in a culinary field and had a chance to spend my Internship in Napa Valley, visiting as many wineries as I could. It was truly a magnificent experience and each of them unique and enjoyable. My interest and love for wine, naturally increased with the time and even now, working in the kitchen, part of an amazing team in a great Michelin star restaurant, I felt immediately I wanted to get deeper knowledge and understanding about the world of wine, and especially the connection between both – wine and food.
Eleanor Academy I’ve chosen for the good reviews and it had great access in English.
To me, the art of wine is pure magic. That awakening moment, tasting exceptional wine, caught me thinking about it a long time after I tasted it, and the memories last forever.
I am on my journey starting Level 3, feeling very happy and excited about what wine has to offer in the future.”