Ranjeeta, an Eleanor Wine Academy student, WSET Level 3 Award in Wines

“My first encounter with wine was 10 years ago on a trip to Chianti, Italy while staying on a popular wine estate. With almost no prior experience in wine, it came as a surprise when people complemented me having a good ‘nose’ during tastings. There was an almost immediate draw for me to learn more about wine – ideally through formal training. Ever since then I spent most of my vacations choosing destinations based on popular wine regions of the world. From Yarra Valley in Australia to vintage ports in Portugal to lofty Loire Valley – I love spending my vacations sampling and tasting local wines. 

After having lived in China/Hong Kong and Singapore for the last decade I had the chance to relocate to the Netherlands. What made the move so exciting was that I was taking up a job as a “perfume’ buyer for a large Multinational. This meant more time and opportunity training my ‘nose’ and working with aromas. For me this was a perfect fit between my career and passion to learn more about wine. Immediately upon my arrival in Netherlands, I discovered the exhaustive certifications offered by Eleanor Wine Academy. I passed WSET Level 2 in December 2019 and am currently doing WSET Level 3 certification. Upon successful completion, I hope to continue with Diploma WSET Level 4 Award. My dream is to one day act as a liaison introducing India – typically a country that loves cognac and whiskey to wonderful world of European wines.”

Thanks Ranjeeta! Good luck with your wine study!

Amsterdam, June 29th 2020