WINE STUDENT: The more I learn, the better!

Salvatore, an Eleanor Wine Academy student, WSET Level 2 Award in Wines.

“I’m Salvatore and I come from Sicily and I love wine. I have been working in restaurants and hotels for many years; both in Catania and for the last 5 years in Amsterdam. And currently I’m working as a manager at FIKO Pizza bar and an assistant manager at FIKO restaurant in Amsterdam.

Wine has been the main focus throughout my life: I drank my first wine  glass when I was 18 years old, it was a typical Etna red wine and for me it tasted amazing. Looking back, it was just a glass of ordinary red wine. After that glass, I realised that I want to learn more and definitely try more wines!

I’ve spent the last 5 years in Amsterdam learning which type of wine I could recommend with specific dishes and how I could satisfy customers. I love my job because I’m constantly interacting with guests, as I need to engage with them to explain the story behind those dishes: this aspect of my profession has always fascinated me, but as time passed I felt there was something missing. I started asking myself questions about my job and about the direction I want to go: what if I move into the wine world and become a Sommelier, what if I finally find the strength to take this step and follow my passion? It seemed like a great idea, but how to make this dream come true?

Eventually I started looking for an international wine course and I found the WSET. I got attracted from the Eleanor Wine Academy because classes are small and this is better for me, as there’s plenty of room for questions and proper focus. Furthermore, our teacher Vittoria is really professional and she is always ready to help. I believe this is the right way for my ambition. I recently started Level 2 and I’m very happy with this choice. Ideally I hope to start Level 3 as soon as I complete Level 2. The more I learn, the better!” – Salvatore

Thank you for sharing your story Salvatore! We wish you good luck with your wine studying!

Amsterdam, March 26th 2020