WINE STUDENT: On the way to becoming a qualified sommelier

Lidya, an Eleanor Wine Academy student, WSET Level 3 Award in Wines.

“I have been working in hospitality for a few years now, in hotels, restaurants and cafes in Bali, Dubai and Amsterdam. Currently, I work as a Bartender in Hotel Estherea in Amsterdam. So far I am happy with my job and with what I do, but I am always looking to improve myself and to give myself options to gain more knowledge and develop a career in this business. Since I started working in hospitality, I have always been interested in food & beverage products and keen to learn more about them. I did a few cooking classes and courses related to coffee making before getting into wine. Getting more knowledge about the products that I prepare or serve gives me confidence that I can do my job better. It allows me to prepare products better and give advice to customers about their order.

Developing my expertise in wine has now become the direction that I have chosen. I find wines and wine-making very fascinating, like a special art, with many stories to tell about it and endless layers of skill and facts underlying it. My goal is to become a qualified Sommelier and possibly to work in wine education in the future as well. I believe that WSET provides the perfect platform to achieve that. I chose the Eleanor Wine Academy because the classes are a bit smaller than in other academies. I believe this is the right education environment for me to study and learn. I recently completed Level 2 and have just started on Level 3. And so far I am very happy with my choice.” – Lidya

Thank you Lidya for sharing your story! Great career goals!

Amsterdam, March 18th 2020