WINE STUDENT: From a beer lover to a wine maniac

Jurjen, an Eleanor Wine Academy student, WSET Level 2 Award in Wines

“During my master studies in Paris in 2017, I started to develop an ever-growing interest and taste for wine. Whilst living there I quickly found out that the (craft) beer scene was far from optimal, so I switched to drinking the local quality beverage; wine. Furthermore, my studies provided me with a couple of entry courses on wine making and tasting. Slowly but surely I changed from a beer lover into a wine maniac. As the last few years progressed, I started to read and learn more and more about the world of wine.

Besides having a big hunger for knowledge around the topic of wine I also have a bit of a dream. As a true father and son project, I would like to start our own vineyard together with my father. My family has owned a house and a piece of land in Hungary for about twenty years now. The house is situated in an area which, before phylloxera hit, had a lot of grape growing & wine making activity. As my father is about to retire and we will have some more time, I certainly hope we can make this dream come true.

Last year after getting a tip from my mother, I started to look for a good WSET 2 course to make my interest more “official”. Knowing that I would move to the “Pijp” in Amsterdam in March and seeing the great reviews, the Eleanor Wine Academy seemed like the proper choice. Up to now I have had zero regrets. I am very positive about the way the course is hosted and I have learned so much already.

After this course (and the brunt of Corona is over) is over, I would like to continue a Grand Tour of wine that I have started with one of my best friends. Last year we visited Georgia and Austria, this year I would like to show him around Hungary and perhaps we can make a drive to Italy when it is safe again. And who knows, the WSET 3 course could also be on the horizon!”

Thanks Jurjen! See you soon online!

Amsterdam, May 14th 2020