WINE PAIRING: Millefeuille of beetroot and Prosecco

Do you like beetroot? Even if you don’t, just try the dish we will talk today about. Pretty sure, you will like it.

Millefeuille of beetroot is really easy to prepare. Place the beets in a pot and cook them in boiling water for about 30 minutes or until tender. Mix marinade ingredients: vinegar, honey and olive oil. Peel cooked beets and then cut into thin slices. Let them marinate in the vinaigrette. Arrange the beets alternately with slices of any white cheese you like. And it’s done.

What to drink? We would suggest something food-friendly and easy-drinking, such as a glass of Prosecco. Italian sparkling wine is made from the white grape Glera, that is used to produce the bubbly itself hails from the Fruili and Veneto regions, in the northeast of Italy. In general, Prosecco yields lower alcohol levels and is best consumed within 2 years of release. Typically made in a dry to off-dry style with acidity levels that range from medium to fairly high, Prosecco’s palate profile leans towards fruit.

The secret of matching Prosecco with food is succeeding in combining its elegant, non-invasive personality with dishes that show off the quality of the ingredients, thanks to cooking methods that preserve their original flavours and aromas.

Refreshing with moderate alcohol, Prosecco La Gioiosa Rosea Brut is ideal for almost all sorts of occasions. A nice bright pink colour. Balanced, with mild red berry fruit flavours and a crisp smooth sensation on the palate. Soft, bubbly mouthfeel, with a fruity and harmonious aftertaste. A superb late lunchtime bubbly!


Amsterdam, November 8th 2019