WINE PAIRING: Chicken polpettine and Tornatore Pietrarizzo

One of the wine and food pairings of our Christmas Wine Tasting will be something truly delicious – Tornatore Etna Bianco Pietrarizzo and chicken polpettine with lemon sauce.

Polpettine are small Italian meatballs that usually made with ground pork, beef or poultry. There are variations of polpettine in just about every region of the country. They are traditionally served all on their own, and eaten with sauces or in soups.

The chicken polpettine are flavoured with Parmesan cheese and fragrant herbs, and infusing with lemon sauce. They are so delicious and crispy, and only a glass of Tornatore Etna Bianco Pietrarizzo 2016 can make them taste better!

The aging in oak barrels makes this white wine rich and intense, with a bouquet ranging from exotic to grapefruit notes. The elegant, medium-bodied palate delivers ripe pear, creamy white peach and tangy lemon. Bright acidity provides impeccable balance while a pronounced mineral note graces the lingering finish.

What a pair! That is something to sing about! In Italian of course 🙂

Amsterdam, December 6th 2019