We are delighted to introduce our new teacher for WSET Level 1 and 2 Award in Wines courses Mariana Gerolami – Sommelier & WSET Diploma Student ✨.

“Wine is special for me in many ways. I am keen on understanding the flavours and the soil that hosts the vines. I am passionate about the stories behind the winemakers and the families that create this versatile product.

My wine-curiosity led me to be in close contact with the industry for more than seven years. I studied in Mendoza, worked in Buenos Aires, São Paulo, Montevideo, France, and most recently in Amsterdam, where I am currently based.

I have been involved in teaching wine service, I have worked in the cellar, vineyards and I am usually engaged in giving wine tastings. These experiences help me connect with the grapes from different angles, and I love bringing that knowledge to my classes.

I am always up for a conversation and on the hunt for new and exciting flavours!”

Amsterdam, October 8, 2020