Tuscany ,in Italy ,is one of the best wine-making regions around the world, with its triangular shape, it seems made for cultivating vineyards.

One of the most iconic wines is Masseto by Tenuta Dell’Ornellaia estate, a rare red wine made from 100% Merlot grapes. The particularity of Masseto vineyards is that they produce 7 hectares of Merlot instead of Sangiovese, the dominant local grape in Tuscany. Grapes are planted on hills, and the altitude provides a moderating influence on the hot Mediterranean climate. The region also benefits from the cooling sea breezes while the soil is constantly kept fresh and immune against aridity thanks to its clay composition. 

In 2006, weather conditions were highly variable ranging from extreme heat in June and July, and humid weather in August, interrupted by heavy rain, and a return to heat at the end of the season. This series of events allowed the production of exceptional wine, the 2006 Masseto. The winery has been able to implement its wine process, making a bold and powerful wine with herbal, cherry and plum notes. The palate shows incredible fruit intensity and persistence along with silky tannins to tie it all together. 

The French oak barrel maturation choice adds a delicate hint of cacao and cedar flavors. Impressive in elegance and concentration, Masseto 2006 will greatly benefit from additional bottle aging.

A fine bavette de boeuf would perfectly match with this fantastic wine. 


Amsterdam, July, 2 2019