WINE FACT: Sparkling wine production

There are 5 main methods to produce a sparkling wine, each resulting in a different carbonation level. The vast majority of sparkling wines in the world are produced using two methods – Traditional Method (used for Champagne) and Tank Method (used for Prosecco).

Take a look at Tank Method. This sparkling wine production technique came about during the industrial advancements made in the early 20th century and is the main process used for Prosecco wines. The major difference between the tank method and the traditional method is the removal of the individual bottle as the vessel used to turn a still wine into a sparkling one.

Most winemakers using the tank method want to retain primary fruit flavours. The technique is ideal for making sparkling wines out of aromatic grape varieties and for fruity styles of sparkling wines such as Prosecco.

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Amsterdam, June 22nd 2020