Enjoying the summer with a glass of wine in Amsterdam !

Café-Restaurant De Plantage, located in Plantage District in Amsterdam, provides quality food and excellent wines in a glamour environment.  You can enjoy your meal watching flamingos from the Artis zoological garden next door. 

At lunchtime, you can order a carpaccio of roasted eggplant with pecorino, charmoula, pine nuts, and Sardinian flatbread, which perfectly matches with the Italian dry white wine from the Island of Sardegna, Vermentino Isola Dei Nuraghi 2015. Fermented in stainless steel tanks then aged for six months in a mix of new and neutral French barriques oak barrels, the wine is rich with loads of complexity and regal composure. The aromas on the nose are floral, herbal, mineral and tropical while the full body palate well balances with the pure, pronounced flavors of citrus, stone and tropical fruits. The salt in the eggplant and pecorino enhances the fruity character of Vermentino, creating a harmonic combination.

Cheers !

Amsterdam, July, 1 2019