“Whatever you do, pour yourself into it” -Robert Mondavi

 Today is the second anniversary of Eleanor Wine Academy!We take pride in keeping together our wine educational adventure despite the challenging times. Working and engaging with first class and dedicated Wine Educators is a true inspiration. Attracting and engaging with a community of international wine lovers♥️ and enthusiastic students is pure Success! Cheers to all the […]

WINE TRAVEL: Focus on Jura, France

The Jura vineyard represents a wine-growing region located in the Jura in Franche-Comté, in France. It represents about 2000 hectares, one of the smallest vineyards in France. The wines produced come from different grape varieties related to the variety of soils and microclimates ideal for the production of white wines. The most widespread grape variety […]

Wine for The Festive Season: Chateau Musar White 2001🎄

The Chateau Musar white 2001 was produced from a blend of two grapes indigenous to Lebanon 🇱🇧: Obaideh and Merwah grapes (old Lebanese clones of Chardonnay and Sémillon), from ungrafted, low-yielding bush vines planted at high altitude⛰️.⠀ The White 2001 was fermented in French Nevers oak barrels for nine months, blended and bottled at the […]

OUR TEAM: Vittoria

Meet Vittoria, Director & WSET Certified Educator of Eleanor Wine Academy It was as a dreamy idea persisting in Vittoria’s mind while sipping Pinot Noir🍷in the Phillip island 🐧2 years ago. Once back to Amsterdam in July 2018, Vittoria discussed her project with Allard & Kristian, who embraced the idea with enthusiasm and trust💡. It […]

WINE STUDY: Oak Vessels

The vast majority of wooden vessels used in the winery for the fermentation and maturation are made from oak. Oak is used in winemaking to vary the color, flavor, tannin profile and texture of wine🍷. Oak vessels differ widely in their characteristics. There are four important factors to consider: 🔸Species and origin of oak🔸Size🔸Production of […]


🕵️‍♀️WHAT IS ACIDITY IN WINE❓ Want to see how acidic a wine is? Hold your mouth open after you sip👄. If you begin salivating 💦, your mouth is reacting to the acid🍋. The more saliva, the more acid.If a wine has a high acid level, it will have a low pH. High acid/low pH wines […]

OUR TEAM: Allard and Kristian

Meet Allard and Kristian, Managing Partners Eleanor Wine In the summer of 2005, Allard was overlooking the vineyards of Château Smith Haut Lafitte at the Terrace of Les Sources de Caudalie. Drinking from a bottle of their white wine, with the sun on his face, Allard had a sudden and striking realization of how great […]


Get ready to meet our team! Over the next few weeks, we will be shining a spotlight on the people behind Eleanor Wine Academy, telling about our team’s background in the wine industry. Here is a little introduction to Eleanor Wine Academy, for those who don’t know much about us. Eleanor Wine Academy is a […]


Crémant is a sparkling wine, which is produced in France 🇫🇷, using the same methods as Champagne and Cava, but from outside the Champagne region. Crémant🥂 can only come from specific regions in France such as: 🔸Crémant de Bourgogne🔸Crémant de Loire🔸Crémant de Limoux🔸Crémant de Jura🔸Crémant d’Alsace🔸Crémant de Bordeaux🔸Crémant de Die 🔸Crémant de Savoie There are a […]


Hárslevelü is a native Hungarian grape variety 🇭🇺, known for producing excellent white wines. It is the second most commonly planted grape variety in Hungary after Furmint, it makes up approximately 18% of the vines in Tokaj. Outside Hungary, Harslevelu is grown in Germany, Slovakia and a little in South Africa. The name Hárslevelű translates […]