The Stellenbosch is one of the oldest and most famous wine-making regions in South Africa. And it  has long been the hub of fine wine production in the country.  The district is divided into a number of distinct wards and notable for its 50 unique types of soils. The climate is moderate to warm with […]

WINE NEWS: The urban winery in the Eiffel Tower

Jane Anson, the author of the Inside Bordeaux book and the columnist for Decanter magazine, recently visited the first urban winery in Paris since the 1960s, currently sitting 57 metres above street level on the city’s Eiffel Tower. La Winerie Parisienne was founded by Julien Bengué, Adrien Pelissié and Julien Brustis, all are in their […]

WINE FACTS: Oxidative aromas and flavors in wines

Does oxidation have only destructive effects to wine? The right answer is no, oxidation isn’t always bad. In fact, it’s a key part of most winemaking. Obviously, oxygen has a big impact on wine as it ages. Too much during the winemaking process, or after bottling, and the wine can become oxidized. But if the […]