WINE TRAVEL : Let’s focus on Marche, Italy

Today, let’s focus on Marche, an Italian wine-growing region. The most famous white wine of the region, Verdicchio dei Castelli di Jesi,  which is grown in a vast area that stretches from the west facing hills west of Ancona.. Most of the vineyards are located inland on low hills sheltered by mountains. Depending on where […]

WINE STUDY : Verdicchio

Verdicchio is an Italian white grape variety. Of unknown origin, it is widespread in Italy in the regions of Marche, Umbria, Abruzzo and Sardinia. It is believed to be a member of the trebbiano family. It is a versatile variety, used both for light and easy-drinking table wines, and for more complex and aging examples. […]


Verdicchio is a white wine grape variety cultivated primarily in the Marche region of central Italy. It grows best in well drained soils of sand and limestone, has high acidity and typically a delicate bouquet. Marche has two DOC titles for Verdicchio wines: Verdicchio dei Castelli di Jesi and Verdicchio di Matelica. Verdicchio is a […]