The Stellenbosch is one of the oldest and most famous wine-making regions in South Africa. And it  has long been the hub of fine wine production in the country.  The district is divided into a number of distinct wards and notable for its 50 unique types of soils. The climate is moderate to warm with […]

Eleanor’s WEBINAR Il Borro Wines

Il Borro IGT Toscana 2016, 50% Merlot, 35% Cabernet, 15% Syrah, is one of the wines exclusively selected for an e-tasting of Il Borro Wines. The flagship wine, ​Il Borro 2016 is the heart and soul of the Il Borro Estate, the most beautiful expression of its terroir and the perfect symbol of the winery’s […]

FINE WINE: Bolle di Borro Classic Method Rosè

In 1993, Ferruccio Ferragamo alongside his son Salvatore Ferragamo (AD of Il Borro) and daughter Vittoria Ferragamo (director of organic production and special projects) expanded his love of finer things to winemaking by buying a 1,700-acre property that includes a medieval village, in the heart of Tuscany: Il Borro. The Il Borro wine production is based on […]

Eleanor’s WEBINAR Il Borro Wines

Il Borro is inviting you to e-tasting of Il Borro Wines with Salvatore Ferragamo on Thursday July 9th at 16h00, on Zoom. Purchased in 1993 by Ferruccio Ferragamo, the Il Borro estate grows great varieties of both Italian and international grapes on the Val D’Arno hills at the foot of the Pratomagno mountains in Tuscany. […]


The Douro is a Portuguese wine region centred on the Douro River and stretches from the Marao Mountains to the frontier with Spain. The vineyard area has a warm continental climate as a result of being shielded from the cooling Atlantic winds by the mountains. Wine production in the Douro is dominated by Port, but […]


San Juan is Argentina’s second-largest wine region after Mendoza, with 17% of the total area planted in the country. It sits between Mendoza and La Rioja, and is almost entirely contained within the mountainous foothills of the Andes. The San Juan region is predominantly semi-desert, and its viticulture is dependent on irrigation from the San Juan […]


Bordeaux is the largest wine region in France, in terms of volume and value. Many of the most prestigious fine wines are produced there. Bordeaux’s climate is moderated by its proximity to the Atlantic Ocean and the presence of the various rivers (the Dordogne, the Garonne and the Gironde Estuary). The warm ocean current extends […]


The Rhône, a French wine region, is situated in the Rhône valley and produces numerous wines under various AOC designations. The Rhône is generally divided into two subregions with distinct vinicultural traditions – the Northern and Southern Rhône. Both are unique, each with different climate, soils and grape varieties. Although the Northern Rhône vineyards are […]

WINE LEGEND: Barolo Riserva Monfortino 2008

“The 2008 Barolo Riserva Monfortino is pure excitement.”- Robert Parker The 2008 was an unusual year in Barolo, Piedmont. An unexpected cold snap in October delayed the harvest and left many wines with an intense perfume and sweetness that is highly unusual in young Nebbiolo. In that year Giacomo Conterno produced one of its most […]

WINE LEGEND: M. Chapoutier Le Pavillon Ermitage 2005

“A heavenly wine” – Robert Parker Robert Parker called the 2005 Ermitage Le Pavillon his favorite wine of the 2005s from M.Chapoutier. Maison M. Chapoutier, one of the most recognizable estates in the Rhône Valley, produces wines from a range of appellations in northern and southern Rhône and is well known for its red and […]