Hidden Gems : Il Grande Silenzio Montepulciano d’Abruzzo

This red wine, coming directly from the Corno Grande mountain in the heart of Italy, is made from 100% Montepulciano grapes.   This grape variety, extremely famous in this region of Abruzzo, has been worked according to an ancient Tuscan method.  This method, called “Governo all’uso Toscano”, has created the powerful character of this wine. When […]


Montepulciano is a classic, Italian grape variety. It is the second-most widely planted red grape in Italy, after Sangiovese. Montepulciano grows throughout the country, with concentrations in the central regions Abruzzo and Marche, and in Puglia and Molise, in the South. As a late-ripening grape, Montepulciano needs a sunny climate. It has thick skin, resulting […]