WINE TRAVEL: Focus on Jura, France

The Jura vineyard represents a wine-growing region located in the Jura in Franche-Comté, in France. It represents about 2000 hectares, one of the smallest vineyards in France. The wines produced come from different grape varieties related to the variety of soils and microclimates ideal for the production of white wines. The most widespread grape variety […]


Poulsard is a red-skinned French grape variety that is a specialty of Arbois in northern Jura. The grape has very thin skin with low amounts of colour -phenols and produces very pale colored red wines, even with extended maceration and can be used to produce white wines. Because of this, Poulsard is often blended with […]

WINE TRAVEL: Exploring Jura region, France

Jura is a small wine region in eastern France, between Burgundy and Switzerland. Jura’s isolation has contributed to its “weird” winemaking styles, the wines of the region are unusual, distinctive, and completely different from wines made anywhere else in the world. Jura is one of the smallest wine regions in France, the vineyards cover just […]