Semillon is a white grape variety originating from the Gironde region and expresses itself on fruity and floral aromas. It is at the origin of the great white wines of the South-West. In France, Semillon is the main grape variety for the sweet wines of Bordeaux such as Sauternes, Barsac, Cadillac or Loupiac, the harvest […]

WINE STUDY : Pineau d’Aunis

Pineau d’Aunis is a French grape variety mostly planted in the vineyard of the “Vallée de la Loire”. It’s a vigorous and fertile vine, and depending on how it’s grown, its lifespan can easily exceed 80 years. It is one of the characteristic grape varieties of the Coteaux du Vendômois appellation, from which are produced […]

WINE STUDY : Verdicchio

Verdicchio is an Italian white grape variety. Of unknown origin, it is widespread in Italy in the regions of Marche, Umbria, Abruzzo and Sardinia. It is believed to be a member of the trebbiano family. It is a versatile variety, used both for light and easy-drinking table wines, and for more complex and aging examples. […]

WINE TRAVEL: Focus on Jura, France

The Jura vineyard represents a wine-growing region located in the Jura in Franche-Comté, in France. It represents about 2000 hectares, one of the smallest vineyards in France. The wines produced come from different grape varieties related to the variety of soils and microclimates ideal for the production of white wines. The most widespread grape variety […]


Vidal Blanc, a cross between Ugni blanc and Rayon d’Or, is a hardy, thick-skinned white grape variety. Created by Jean-Louis Vidal in France during the 1930’s, Vidal Blanc can be used to produce both dry and sweet wines. It’s a very versatile grape – it can be aged in wood, left on the vine for […]


Carricante is an Italian white wine grape variety planted primarily in Sicily. Carricante has been growing on the slopes around the ancient stratovolcano Mt. Etna for centuries. This late-ripening vine is the main variety used in the Etna DOC. Etna’s volcanic soils and altitude infuse Carricante with racy minerality, pure aromas of lemon, and a […]


Müller-Thurgau, a white wine grape variety, is a cross between Riesling and Madeleine Royale created in 1882 by Swiss botanist Hermann Muller (from the canton of Thurgau). The intention was to combine the intensity and complexity of the Riesling grape with the ability to ripen earlier that the Silvaner grape possesses. Although the resulting grape […]