Frequently Asked Questions:

 How do I sign up for a WSET Award in Wines course?

On our website, courses are listed by city and course level. Select your preferred city and course and finalise your registration online. 

 How do I know what wine knowledge level I am?

Choose the Beginner WSET Level 1 if you have No prior knowledge/ experience with Wine.
Choose the Intermediate WSET Level 2 if you have completed the Basic WSET L1 Course or equivalent.
Choose the Advanced WSET Level 3 if you hold the WSET Level 2 in Wines and/or have professional experience in the wine industry. Note: there are NO mandatory prior requirements for enrolling into the WSET level 3. However, we highly recommend to have (at least) the level of knowledge of the WSET level 2.

 How do I know that a course is not full?

Our website is automatically updated. If a course is available for bookings, it means that there are places available. If you want to secure your spot make sure to register on time. Sometimes we receive multiple registrations for the same course in a few hours.

 Can I receive the WSET study material before my course starts?

Your study material is shipped to the delivery address mentioned in the registration form upon receipt of full payment of the tuition fee.

 Can I schedule a different exam date?

Yes, this is always possible, but sometimes an extra fee applies. Please, check our Terms of Service 

 Is there a waiting list if the course is fully booked?

There are no waiting lists, but if you are interested in a specific course, please,  drop us an e-mail and we will create a waiting list: academy@eleanor-wine.com
State your name, the course and the course date. If a place becomes available, we will contact you.

 What happens if I miss a lesson?

It might happen that you cannot make it to a class. Whether you are attending a  WSET L1, L2 or L3 course, please, email us and we will inform your teacher: academy@eleanor-wine.com. Your Educator will send you the corresponding presentation so you can catch up.