Arinto is a white grape variety planted primarily in the wine regions surrounding Lisbon, Portugal.

It produces vibrant wines with lively, refreshing acidity and gentle flavours of apple, lime and lemon. Traditionally, Arinto-based wines have a slight sparkling sensation that enhances their freshness. They can age well for over 7 or more years developing flavours of beeswax and nuts, but are also delicious young. The variety’s naturally high acidity makes it great for sparkling wines and for blending with other lower-acid white grapes.

To discover this grape variety we’d suggest to taste The 2017 CH BY CHOCAPALHA produced by the Quinta da Chocapalha family estate.

This is 100% Arinto wine has lemon colour and pronounced complex citrus fruit aromas with minerals notes. It shows excellent acidity. A smoothly textured wine, keeping plenty of the Arinto freshness while adding a richer texture, touches of almonds and spice. This is ripe wine with lush and lingering finish, and great potential for aging.

Vivino: 4.0

Amsterdam, May 28th 2020