Viognier is an aromatic grape variety that is mainly grown in moderate climates of sunny regions. Originated in France now widely planted in Australia, United States, Italy, South Africa. A typical Viognier is dry with low to medium acidity, high alcohol and a medium to full body. Its wines have pronounced floral aromas (blossom) and stone-fruit flavours (peach, apricot).

There are two ways of producing Viognier: new oak aging and neutral/no oak aging. New oak aging delivers a richer creamier taste, lower acidity and aromas of cloves and vanilla. Neutral/no oak aging will deliver more floral fruit flavours maintaining acidity.

Viognier has become a very fashionable variety these days. Its aromatic character and body make it suitable for both single-varietal wines or a blending partner for adding floral notes and body.

The finest examples of Viognier can be found in Château-Grillet, in Northern Rhone. The wines of the region usually have perfumed aromas of blossom and apricots, and flavours of stone fruits and vanilla.

Today we are taking a look at Chateau Grillet 2010, one of the most desired Viognier in the world. This rich, full-bodied white wine has a golden appearance, with a complex bouquet of flowers, fresh fruit and nuts, with a mineral peak. The low, elegant acidity extends the wonderful lasting impression on the palate. This wine definitely evolves perfectly with aging.

Food pairing:
– roasted chicken, pork chop
– baked brie, gruyere

Useful tips:
– serve it lightly chilled 10-13˚C


Amsterdam, September 18th 2019